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Heroes role play community first post.


This little section is to explain what’s in store for someone who decides to join.

There will be ongoing storyline that has been planned out by the moderators of the community. The plan is to have anyone involved sticking to the rules of the story as it will be like playing in a "world". Things that happen affect everyone (unless stated otherwise). Feel free to offer ideas as the storyline is revealed and progresses. Information will be delivered to some characters separately about certain things that occur in the game at the time.


The kinds of players we are looking for are:

- Dedicated. (Must be able to post at least twice a week. MUST communicate with other players/moderators outside game)-
- Open to running with a specific story.
- Able to handle MATURE CONTENT, such as course language, adult themes, violence, character death and sexual themes, if the occasion arises.
- Please try to keep your characters as realistic as possible.
- No O.C's (original characters) are accepted until ALL main cast are taken. -
- If you are found to be only posting with one character/person, without making an effort to play with others, your position will be reviewed.


Your character will exist in the Heroes world. Moderators will post events in the world, and characters can interact with those posts. If you desire some one on one time (e.g, Molly hanging with Mohinder), create a new thread explaining that it's during or after a specific "event".

You will be expected to interact with more than one character as the storyline will require team work.

We will require that everyone gets AIM (instant messenger) and a Journal for the community, and fills out an application


Please make sure to read your application very well and answer everything as best as you can. The applications are in a separate post.
Before we kick off the official story, once you are accepted, feel free to run around and meet other players. A thread will be posted to allow people to feel out their characters and meet others, forming some bonds.


Set just after episode 23 "How to Stop an exploding man." Canon storyline as past, filling in directly after the fight in Kirby Plaza. The story will unfold as the players join - an initial "meeting" thread will be posted once we have all the characters. If you would like to start talking and role playing before that date, clear it with the mods on the OOC (out of character) community first.

Be prepared that this community is going to be HEAVILY action based, as opposed to drama based. Of course, drama elements are unavoidable and fun, but we are going to be very active and continuously moving the community to new heights and evolving the world and the characters.

To fit back into canon storyline, once season two begins, we would like to meld and adapt the community so it's accurate. We will have a vote placed for everyone to decide where we want to take it.

Be prepared for the possibility of the Heroes world becoming a hostile environment. However, the players will determine the outcomes and determine which side they will take and what will become of their lives.

Most importantly, if you have any further questions, please post below and a mod will respond ASAP.

Have fun!

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